GLADIATOR Magazine November Issue is out

G15 cov tito.jpg

The current issue of Gladiator Magazine features UFC legendTito Ortiz, one of the most important fighters in the history of MMA. Titogives Gladiator readers an exclusive interview about his early days with DanaWhite as his manager, some of his biggest wins, and how he is now mounting acomeback for his title after successful back surgery. If you’re a Tito fan (andwho isn’t) this is a must-have collector’s edition to add to your MMA library.

For MMA fans, this jam-packed issue also includes event coverage of King of theCage, Respect in the Cage, and National Cage Fighting. Don’t miss theno-holds-barred story on Christian Audigier, the fashion giant behind such hugebrands as Ed Hardy, who is now starting a collaboration with MMA pioneer BudBrutsman. Other exciting content includes a four-page article on NAGA’s hotBattle at the Beach from New Jersey, a five-page story on the ADCC WorldChampionships from Spain, and special profiles on inspirational grassrootsfighter Brian Warren, and the incredible Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch,the world’s most active MMA fighter with nearly 200 matches!

There is also a special injury prevention hints from international trainingguru Brian Richardson, strength training from world arm wrestling championEddie Deluca, submission moves from Tom Supnet and Dr. Christian Harfouche, andBJJ insights from the amazing Kid Peligro. This issue also features the firstGladiator Magazine MMA Top Ten list. Pick up Gladiator Magazine now and get theinside scoop on MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, submission grappling and all thecombat sports! Visit your nearest Barnes and Nobles, Hastings, Books-A-Millionor other major magazine outlets or subscribe at