Susumu Daiguji Officially Retires on November 7th!

A former ISKE World & M-1 Super Featherweight champion Susumu Daiguji’s retirement match is set for November 7th, at his own event called “SILVERWOLF presents FINAL REVOLUTION – Susumu Daiguji Final – ” at the JCB Hall.

He will be fighting two three-minute rounds under the K-1 rules. This event is going to be a collaboration with Hip Hop artists just like the Wolf Revolution, the kick boxing show Daiguji used to fight in quite often.

Daiguji, at 60 kg & under, was, along with fighters like TURBO, considered as one of the best in Japan, however immediately after his last year’s K-1 bout in October, where he was KO’d by an up and coming young fighter names Daisuke Uematsu in just 29 seconds, Daiguji told everyone that he is retiring.

Daiguji explained, “I wasn’t planning on doing a retirement bout but after I saw the retirement by Great Kusatsu back in November, if its going to be like this, I wouldn’t mind doing the retirement bout.” So this show is going to be co-promtoed by Silver Wolf, and VITA, the Kusatsu’s company, “If it wasn’t for Kusatsu-san, I would not have done this.”

Daiguji holds a pro kick  boxing record of 18 wins 14 losses and 4 draws.

In this retirement bout, Daiguji will be wearing shin guards, so it is an exhibition bout but he is going to train for this fight just like any other fight, “Even after my last fight in October, at the gym, I have been teaching and training too so I am in good shape.”

Apparently Daiguji also did the negotiations with four artists that are going to be playing in this show, “No one cared about the money. They were all willing to do it. So this is the event where there is nothing I don’t like in there. In this event, I wanted show young people that even if your not an elite, you can do this much.”

Report by Shu Hirata
Photo by Yoshinori Ihara (

PIC: Susumu Daiguji also once fought in New York in the kick boxing event called Combat at the Capitale promoted by Lou Neglita.