HEAT 11 – 09/26/2009: Signs Shingo Garyu!

HEAT is indeed the most peculiar fight sport promotion in Japan.

They are the only promotion in Japan, well, for now, that uses a full-sized Octagon cage and they do both kick boxing and MMA bouts.

No one really understands the intention, perhaps, reason for doing kick boxing bouts in the cage but that doesn’t seem to bother either the fans or the media in Japan.

The other interesting thing about this promotion is that, in their roster, there are a lots of fighters that used to fight in K-1 and PRIDE shows.

HEAT is founded by Shimura Dojo which is a Karate dojo based in Nagoya so its not surprising to see that they have a connection in the world of striking sports and that is why they were able to sign K-1 fighters like Hiromi Amada, Tatsufumi Tomihira, and Ryuta Noji.

Then, HEAT, also went out and signed a few “available” fighters that used to fight in PRIDE.

“Available” means, fighters that somehow slipped out of the Japanese MMA industry and can’t even get fights in medium sized promotions like Shooto, Pancrase, and DEEP. Fighters like Sentoryu and Daiju Takase.

The roster of HEAT is full of names that can be recognizable only by the hardcore fans. On top of this, Brazilians living in Japan, unknown but up and coming fighters, and of course, some fighters from abroad that have strange ring names, like, Black Samurai.

Now HEAT announced that they have signed Shingo Garyu, a popular kick boxer that used to fight in K-1, but became nationally famous earlier this year when he was taken to the police station for possession of marijuana. Luckily he was never prosecuted and he was able to make a come back relatively quickly but yet, Garyu, still is now sort of like an outsider that probably won’t get a call from the “major league” shows for a long while.

Therefore, its actually not a big surprise that he is fighting in the HEAT show now because this promotion is always doing something different from the others, and now its filled with fighters that are, for some reason, considered as, outsiders of the industry and that usually means intriguing characters.

Garyu will be fighting a Muay Thai fighter from Brazil named Danilo Zanolini in a kick boxing bout.


Saturday, September 26th, 2009

At Differ Ariake, Tokyo, Japan

Doors Open – 15:30
Fight Starts – 16:30

Confirmed Card (Subject to Change):

TOSHIN presents HEAT MMA Rules Heavyweight Tournament Final 5 min / 2R

Sentoryu (USA / Shimura Dojo – Team Fighting Dragon) vs. Cristiano Kaminishi (Brazi / AXIS Jiu-jitsu Academy – ATT)

HEAT Kick Boxing Rules Open-weight Bout 3 min / 3R

Hiromi Amada (Japan / Freelance) vs. Emeca The Black Samurai (Nigeria / Bungeling Bay Spirit)

HEAT MMA Rules Heavyweight Bout 5 min / 2R

Ryo Takikawa (Japan / Freelance) vs. Shunsuke Inour (Japan / Yoshida Dojo)

HEAT Kick Boxing Rules 74 kg & Under Bout 3 min / 3R

Shingo Garyu (Japan / Fighting Master) vs. Danilo Zanolini (Brazil / Shimura Dojo – Brazilian Thai)

Ticket Prices:

SRS – 20,000 yen / SS – 10,000 yen / A – 5,000 yen

*500 yen more at the door.

For more Info:

Call HEAT office at 052-733-0466