Rena – New Star in Women’s Fight Sport

The Girls S-cup held last weekend was a tournament to promote Rena.

It was more than obvious.

Out of eight fighters in the tournament, the only real kick boxers were Lim Soo Jung from Korea and Aoi Takahashi from Ceasar Gym which is, basically the promoter of the show.

Sure this was not exactly a kick boxing tournament, this was Shoot Boxing.

Its the fight sport known also known as the “Standing Vale Tudo” because fighters are allowed to strike, throw and apply standing submissions.

This also means that there is an “excuse” here for the promoter to book MMA fighters instead of kick boxers because you are allowed to do the standing submissions.

However everyone knows that not being allowed to fight on the ground is a huge difference for MMA fighters, so under these not so ordinary rules, its fair to say that the only ones who are fully familiar with, and have heavy experience in Shoot Boxing rules were, Rena and Takahashi.

I am not taking anything away from Rena. She must have known that this was the tournament that she must win, and under that type of tremendous pressure, she did perform more than very well. After all it was truly an amazing feat for an 18-year old high school girl.

In the opening round bout, Rena dominated a veteran MMA fighter Masako Yoshida. Yoshida tried to close the distance by throwing a big right hook but Rena was calm. She pushed Yoshida away with a frontal kick, eventually got her to the ropes, and landed a series of combinations. From the second round it was all Rena. She landed a right high kick to the head, powerful low kicks, and even caught Yoshida in a guillotine to get a “catch point” in her score card. The third round was pretty much the same. Rena kept her rhythm, and midway through the round, landed a huge flying knee followed by a barrage of punches. It was actually amazing that Yoshida took all these strikes and still looked just fine after the fight.

In the second round, Rena took on Saori Ishioka from Zendo-kai, a karate-ka turned MMA fighter, and in her very first full MMA rules bout took undefeated Megumi “Mega Megu” Fujii to the third round. So Ishioka is a tough fighter but Rena looked even tougher.

Rena, again, used frontal kicks to push Ishioka to the ropes and landed a series of combinations to the face. But Ishioka used a looping right hook to go in for the clinch, and tried to throw Rena to the ground for the “shoot point” but Rena’s hips were solid. She never allowed Ishioka to execute a throw, and in the second round stunned the Ace fighter from Zendo-kai with a sharp right straight.

In the third round, Rena used a right high kick and jabs to keep the distance but Ishioka moved in, clinched, and tried to throw Rena but both went to the ground. Rena got up quickly but Ishioka didn’t. Signaled to her corner, and the towel was thrown. Apparently Ishioka injured her ribs.

In the final, Rena faced V Hajime, another MMA fighter who originated from BJJ but executed a bunch of throws to upset Lim Soo Jung in the first round, then dominated Madoka Okada in the semi.

However, Rena, with almost ten pro fights under her belt new exactly how to fight her. Rena stayed far away, and laded a series of right and left low kicks. V Hajime shot in several times but Rena moved away quickly, and even when V Hajime was able to clinch, Rena dropped her hip and defended a throw completely.

From the second round V Hajime just came forward for the clinch but Rena knew exactly how to handle this. She pushed V Hajime away with her left hand, then followed with a poweful right straight to the chin. And this continued for almost the entire third round as well so the judges scoring was really not necessary. It was obvious to everyone that Rena dominated the competition.

She is young, pretty, has a nice body, and is strong. Its more than apparent that Shoot Boxing had a diamond in the rough till the moment she won the S-cup.

Now everyone in the fight world knows who Rena is, and she still attends high school, meaning she has got a lot of time to sharpen her skills.

Some day, when Rena steps in to do MMA, its going to be big news in Japan because by then, I have a feeling that Rena will be bigger and stronger, and probably can fight at 125 lbs or even the 135 lbs division, and could well be an immediate force.

Well, I guess that is still a little too far. Who knows what will happen to her next year because after all, she is a teenager.

Girls S-cup – 08/23/2009: 18-Year Old Rena Conquers S-cup! – Complete Results

Shoot Boxing Association Presents:

“Girls S-cup 2009”

At Shinagawa Stella Ball, Tokyo, Japan

Complete Results:


11th Match – Girls S-Cup 2009 Semi-final Bout 2 min / 3R

Rena (Japan / Shoot Boxing Oikawa Dojo) vs. V Hajime (Japan / MAX Jiujitsu Academy – Yoga Studio)

Winner: 3R Rena by Decisoin (30-28, 30-29, 30-29)

10th Match – SB Rules Open-weight Bout
HIROKO (Japan / B CREW) vs. Cho Benkei (Japan)

Winner: 1R 0’57” by TKO (referee stoppage – dislocated shoulder)

9th Match – JEWELS Rules Bout

Shizuka Sugiyama (Japan / Karate-do Zendo-kai Yokohama Branch) vs. Hitomi Sakamoto (Japan / AACC)

Winner: 3R Shizuka Sugiayama by Decision (3-0)

8th Match – Girls S-Cup 2009 Semi-final Bout 2 min / 3R

Madoka Okada (Japan / MMA Dojo Angura) vs. V Hajime (Japan / MAX Jiujitsu Academy – Yoga Studio)

Winner: 3R V Hajime by Decision (24-30, 24-29, 22-28)

7th Match – Girls S-Cup 2009 Semi-final Bout 2 min / 3R

Rena (Japan / Shoot Boxing Oikawa Dojo)  vs. Saori Ishioka (Japan / Karate-do Zendo-kai Koganei Branch)

Winner: 3R 0’20” Rena by TKO (towel thrown – rib injury)

6th Match – Exhibition Bout – EX Mixed Rules 2 min / 2R

Megumi Fujii (Japan / AACC) vs. Hisae Watanabe (Japan / Freelance)

No Winner


5th Match – Girls S-Cup 2009 Reserve Bout 2 min / 3R

Keiko Onuma (Japan / Ceasar) vs. Eri NIshida (Japan / OGUNI-GYM)

Winner: Ext R Keiko Onuma by Decision (10-9, 9-10, 10-9) *3R at 29-30, 30-30, 29-29

4th Match – Girls S-Cup 2009 First Round 2 min / 3R

V Hajime (Japan / MAX Jiujitsu Academy – Yoga Studio) vs.  Lim Soo Jung (Korea / BARUNSON GAMES)

Winner: 3R V Hajime by Decision (28-27, 30-27, 30-28)

3rd Match – Girls S-Cup 2009 First Round 2 min / 3R

Misato Tomita (Japan / Ceasar Gym) vs. Madoka Okada (Japan / MMA Dojo Angura)

Winner: 2R 0’25” Madoka Okada by KO (knee shot to the face)

2nd Match – Girls S-Cup 2009 First Round 2 min / 3R

Saori Ishioka (Japan / Karate-do Zendo-kai Koganei Branch) vs. Aoi Takahashi (Japan / Ceasar Gym)

Winner: 3R Saori Ishioka by Decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-25)

1st Match – Girls S-Cup 2009 First Round 2 min / 3R

Rena (Japan / Shoot Boxing Oikawa Dojo) vs. Masako Yoshida (Japan / Age Age)

Winner: 3R Rena by Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Opening Fight – 57 kg & Under Bout 2 min / 3R
Kanako Oka (Japan / Shoot Boxing) vs. HARI (Japan / Age Age)

Winner: 3R Kanako Oka by Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)

Report by Shu Hirata
Photo by Atsushi Kubo

PIC 1: Rena (center) with S-cut belt, and on her left, is the founder of Shoot Boxing Ceasar Takeshi.

PIC 2: Rena (left) landed this right high kick to Masako Yoshida’s head but the veteran MMA fighter was tough enough to take the punishment for all three rounds.

PIC 3: Rena (right) kept her range and landed a series of combinations on V Hajime and won the tournament final with a unanimous decision.