Norifumi KID Yamamoto Going Abroad to Train Instead of Fighting in DREAM.11 and DREAM.12!

Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto held a press conference on August 27th in Tokyo and revealed that instead of fighting in the DREAM.11 or DREAM.12 shows, he has decided to concentrate on training, not in Japan, but somewhere outside Japan.

This press conference was held at his own gym KILLER BEE in Tokyo and KID explained, "After the fight in K-1 in July, I began thinking that there is something wrong. I want to just set the target to the fight on NYE and I want to gain what I used to have. In order for me to do that, I think I need to be in a more convenient situation, get stimulated, and I’m looking to re-evaluate myself."

In terms of where he is going to be training, "I haven’t decided on that yet. Maybe the west coast in America where MMA is hot, or not only America, I might go to Thailand."

KID is planning to take one of his fighters with him but everything will be paid out of his own pocket, "I won’t go as far as hitchhiking but I don’t really want to rely on anyone in this journey. Prior to the Masato fight, I did stay in Thailand for like a month. Sure I did lose that fight but I did gain a lot from training. Abroad, there are sense of hunger not like in Japan. I always thought that way but staying in Japan, I have been sort of pushing that issue to the side."

Keiichi Sasahara DREAM Event Producer added, "Honestly, since DREAM.11 will be back on prime time, I wanted him to fight in this show but KID himself told us, ‘I can not carry DREAM now. I need to get my hungry spirit back and I am hoping to carry the entire Japanese fight sports on my shoulders,’ so we have decided to support his wish."

PIC: Norifumi KID Yamamoto (left) held a press conference with DREAM Event Producer Keiichi Sasahara (right) on August 27th in Tokyo.