K-1 World GP – Musashi Wishes to Retire After This Year’s World GP!

K-1 fighter Musashi held a press conference on August 26th in Tokyo and revealed that he is hoping to retire after this year’s K-1 World GP.

He is “hoping” because Musashi hasn’t got the right to compete in this year’s GP. There are three spots left in the tournament and the fans are casting a vote on the K-1 home page to decide who gets to fill in these open spots, and what Musashi meant here was, if he didn’t get chosen by the fans, then he might just retire without any more fights.

He explained, “Ever since 1995, I have been doing this for fourteen years, so from around July, I began to think, OK I have to draw the line somewhere, then by end of August, I did make my decision to retire. Winning a world GP has been my goal, and a dream ever since I made a pro debut. This year, I still haven’t fought yet, but my injury is healed, and I am in my best condition. Right now, I think I can achieve what no other Japanese fighter has done, which is to conquer the GP. However, I don’t have a right to compete in this year’s GP. Therefore, I would like to use this opportunity to ask all fans and people in this business, to consider giving me a chance.”

At this point, Musashi’s last fight is, vs. Gegard Mousasi in the Dynamite!! on NYE 2008. He was KO’d in the first round but also was fighting with a injured hip joint. He didn’t even compete in the Asia GP because “I wanted to concentrate on treating my injury.”

If Musashi gets chosen by the fans to compete in this year’s GP more than likely many fans and experts would criticize the voting but Musasi thinks, “If I get to have a chance, then I just have to concentrate on coming out with good result from this chance.”

This year’s K-1 World GP will begin, with 16 fighters, on September 26th in Seoul, Korea and if Musashi doesn’t get picked by the fans for this opening round, “If no, then I am not thinking of the next chance. I have already decided, so I am going to stick with my belief”. Apparently he is implying retiring if he can’t get a spot in Seoul.

However, K-1 Event Producer Sadaharu Tanikawa told the reporters, “Even if he didn’t get chosen, he is a person of merit for K-1, so I would like to stage some retirement bout. We have a GP, and there is Masato’s retirement bout on NYE so this year is difficult though…..”

Report by Shu Hirata
Photo by Yoshinori Ihara (boutreview.com)

PIC: K-1 Event Producer Sadaharu Tanikawa said, “Musashi never said no to the opponent we offered, and he always fought for K-1 even with an injury.”