HEAT 11 – 09/26/2009: Heavyweight Tournament Final Again!

Here is the eighth wonder of the Japanese fight world. This promotion is headquartered in Nagoya, therefore, they began doing the show in the capital city of Aichi prefecture back in 2007.

But unlike the other new promotion, HEAT, not only began their show at an 8,000 plus venue called Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, but they also placed a series of VIP tables around and there were sexy looking waitresses serving drinks.

Yes, their first show looked like some kind of show at the cabaret or the super club.

However, without having popular world class fighters in the roster HEAT didn’t do so well at the gate, and eventually moved the show to a smaller venue. Which is common for a new promotion but what’s amazing about HEAT is, for some reason, they have tons of local small business sponsors, and at the same time, the promotion continues to sign fighters that used to fight in K-1 and / or PRIDE, and somehow, finally they made their way to Tokyo early this year.

Also, from the very beginning, HEAT has been using the cage which requires more time and people to set up. Meaning they would have to rent the venue from the day before the show unlike the show with a ring where they can just come in and use the ring owned by the venue.

So its more costly to run a HEAT show than, for example, DEEP, Pancrase, or ZST shows. On top of that, most Japanese fight media give minimum coverage to the HEAT shows, therefore, even with the old names from K-1 and PRIDE, the fan’s attention is not exactly there. Needless to say this but its not like HEAT is doing well at the gate.

However, I don’t exactly know how, but HEAT continues to promote shows, and late last year to this year, they even held tournaments in both Kick Boxing and MMA rules. And of course, this tournament didn’t exactly capture the attentions of the fans, but HEAT still continues to promote shows.

In the final of the MMA Rules Heavyweight Tournament held in July of this year, Sentoryu was kicked in the groin by Cirstiano Kaminishi so the fight was declared as a “no contest” therefore, HEAT is doing this tournament final once again, at the September 23rd show in Differ Ariake.

This will be considered as the tournament final so the winner will be crowned as the inaugural HEAT MMA Rules Heavyweight champ.

Besides this heavyweight bout, HEAT also announced two other fights for the card. A kick boxing rules bout between K-1 vet Hiromi Amada and a fighter named Emeka The Black Samurai from Nigeria. In addition, Shunsuke Inous from Yoshida Dojo will be taking on Ryo Takikawa in an MMA rules bout.


Saturday, September 26th, 2009
At Differ Ariake, Tokyo, Japan

Doors Open – 15:30
Fight Starts – 16:30

Confirmed Card (Subject to Change):

TOSHIN presents HEAT MMA Rules Heavyweight Tournament Final 5 min / 2R
Sentoryu (USA / Shimura Dojo – Team Fighting Dragon) vs. Cristiano Kaminishi (Brazi / AXIS Jiu-jitsu Academy – ATT)

HEAT Kick Boxing Rules Open-weight Bout 3 min / 3R

Hiromi Amada (Japan / Freelance) vs. Emeca The Black Samurai (Nigeria / Bungeling Bay Spirit)

HEAT MMA Rules Heavyweight Bout 5 min / 2R

Ryo Takikawa (Japan / Freelance) vs. Shunsuke Inour (Japan / Yoshida Dojo)

Ticket Prices:

SRS – 20,000 yen / SS – 10,000 yen / A – 5,000 yen
*500 yen more at the door.

For more Info:

Call HEAT office at 052-733-0466


Report by Shu Hirata