JEWELS 5 – 09/13/2009: Seo Hee Ham vs. Misaki Takimioto is The Main Event!

The fifth show of JEWELS will be back in their home venue, Shinjuku FACE, on September 13th, and in The Main Event of the show, Seo Hee Ham from Korea will take on karate-ka Misaki Takimoto from Zendo-kai/

This is going to be the first JEWELS appearance for Ham. The last time she fought in Japan was back in April of last year when she came up short to Megumi Fujii in the Smack Girl tournament, which by the way, never finished.

For Takimoto, this is going to be her first Main Event and the first fight at 49 kg & under. To take on one of the world’s top fighters at this weight class will be a tough task for Takimoto.

Also in this show, JEWELS will begin a tournament to discover a new generation of fighters and it will be called, ROUGH STONE GP 2009. This tournament will be held in four different weight classes and four fighters, in each weight class, would get to compete in this tournament. The first round bouts will be held in this show, and finals are scheduled in the December show. JEWELS is now looking for the sponsor of this tournament so the winner can get an extra winning bonus.

One interesting name in this GP is Mika Nagano from team S-KEEP / CORE. Nagano actually fought in The Main Event of the inaugural JEWELS show back in November of last year. The promoter gave Nagano an opportunity because of her talent and also because of her looks. Nagano is considered as a “beauty” of women’s MMA, however, in this JEWELS show, she came up short to Saori Ishioka. While Ishioka moved up by beating Hanako Kobayashi in the second show of JEWELS and eventually faced Megumi Fujii in what many Japanese women’s MMA fans consider a “super fight”, Nagano was forced to go back to the drawing board. Then in May of this year Nagano made a comeback by defeating Shinzaki Ozawa, then in July, she submitted Rina Tomita, both with an armbar.

Now with the record of 3-2, JEWELS is ready to give her a second opportunity.

Nagano said, “I am actually making a pro-wrestling debut in August 23rd. Right now I am training in both MMA and pro-wrestling. There are some parts of the training  which are similar but I am looking to gain more ring experience and utilize this on September 13th. When I made a pro debut in Smack Girl it was also in the first round of the tournament and I lost in the first round (to Megumi Fujii) so this time I want to win the tournament for sure.”


Sunday, September 13th, 2009
At Shinjuku FACE, Tokyo, Japan

Doors Open – 11:15
Fight Starts – noon

Confirmed Cards (Subject to Change):

The Main Event – 49 kg & Under Bout 5 min / 2R

Seo Hee Ham (Korea / CMA Korea) vs. Misaki Takimioto (Japan / Karate-do Zendo-kai Yokohama Branch)

ROUGH STONE GP 2009 – confirmed fighters


At 48 kg & under

Kikuyo Ishikawa (Japan / Freelance), Mami Odera (Japan / PUREBRED Kawaguchi REDIPS), MIYOKO (Japan / GRABAKA Jiu-jitsu Club)

At 54 kg & under

Mika Shizuka (Japan / S-KEEP / CORE), Rina Tomita (Japan / AACC)

At 60 kg & under

Shizuka Sugiyama (Japan / Karate-do Zendo-kai Yokohama Branch), Chizuru Oikawa (Japan / Battlearts)

Ticket Prices:
VIP – 10,000 yen

Bar Counter seat – 10,000

RS – 7,000 yen
A – 5,000 yen
B – 4,000 yen

*500 ye more at the door.

Text by Shu Hirata
Photo courtesy of DEEP blog

PIC: In Japan, Mika Nagano is considered as a “beauty” in women’s MMA. She will be making a pro wrestling debut in August, and looking to conquer the ROUGH STONE GP 2009 in Septembers JEWELS show.