KID Yamamoto on Joe Warren

Norifumi KID Yamamoto, who is facing Joe Warren, in the second round of the DREAM featherweight GP shared his thoughts with the media.

First, Keiichi Sasahara, DREAM event producer explained the reason for this match-up, "We thought about who would be good for KID’s opponent and of course, thought about the entire tournament as well. KID said he wants to be in this GP because ex-WEC champ Chase Beebe is in and Warren defeated Beebe, and on top of this, both KID and Warren are wrestlers that is why we decided on this card. Yoshiro (Maeda) and (Hiroyuki) Takaya are both strikers these two would be a good Japanese vs Japanese fight, and Imanari and Bibano (Fernandez) are both grapplers."

Then KID told the reporters, "This is going to be my first fight in almost year and a half so I want to get in there as soon as possible. I am looking forward to this. But I want to be careful, not like the last fight when I injured myself a couple days before the fight, I want to calm down and prepare for this fight."

Warren sent a message via DREAM office, "KID is famous in Japan and he is a good fighter with a solid wrestling base but in wrestling I produced good results at US championships and World Championships where a bunch of ‘monsters’ have competed so it should be fine. In MMA anything could happen and I believe I have the power to make anything happen."

KID responded to this message with respect, "He won the World Championships and that is a great achievement. I even thought winning Japan Championships is great. So I won’t know how good he is till I feel him in the fight. I just have to be able to doge him when we grapple. I have to be careful to not let him have my neck."

However KID knows what he needs to do first, "But more than my opponent, I have to make sure to do what I am supposed to do. As long as I prepare well, then I shouldn’t be worried about the opponent."

Report by Yoshinori Ihara (