DEEP &; CMA – 02/10/2009: DJ taiki Won the Spot in DREAM Featherweight GP But….


DJ taiki and SHOJI engaged in an intense striking battle for the entire 15 minutes and at the end DJ got the right to compete in this year’s DREAM featherweight GP.

The fight began with both fighters exchanging hard kicks to the legs. About midway through the -round DJ scored a right and left hook, wobbled, the striker from Team K.I.B.A. SHOJI quickly shot in but DJ sprawled and did not allow his ex-team mate to score a takedown. Both fighters went back up on the feet and from there both fought like Muay Thai fighter. DJ’s nose started to bleed but with 20 seconds left in the first round DJ knocked down SHOJI with a left hook to the temple followed by a left upper cut to the chin. DJ chased with a pounding barrage but SHOJI was saved by the bell.

From the second round this became a so-called a classic toe-to-toe battle. SHOJI’s right eye blow was sliced open and DJ’s right eye was swollen and started to bleed ferociously from the nose as well. But DJ started to take control with a variety of right left combinations and counter shots.

At the end of the second round and the beginning of the third round, DJ knocked down SHOJI and then tried to finish it with fist after fist on the ground but somehow SHOJI survived, and grabbed the leg for a takedown but DJ sprawled quickly and never allowed SHOJI to take the fight to the ground. SHOJI never gave up and till the end of third round, threw low-kicks and punches but on this day, DJ was a tougher fighter.

He never backed off and pushed the pace till the very end and won the fight in a unanimous decision.

After the fight, DJ and SHOJI both smiled and hugged, then the Korakuen Hall was filled with big applause. This, definitely, will be remembered as one of the best MMA fights this year.

Now DJ officially got the right to compete in the DREAM featherweight GP which is scheduled to begin on March 8th but there maybe one big obstacle.

DJ left eye was swollen shut so on the next day, he went to Tokai University hospital to for a check-up, and on Thursday, was scheduled to take CT scan to check on the situation. If the results reveal a fracture on his eye then for sure DJ will not be ready for March 8th. In that case, is SHOJI is going to fill the spot in the GP?

The test result are due, so till then, no one knows what is going to happen to DJ taiki.

DEEP & CMA Fan’s Festival

Tuesday February 10th, 2009
At Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Official Results:

DEEP Rules Featherweight 65 kg & Under Bout 5 min / 3R

DJ taiki (Freelance) vs. SHOJI (K.I.B.A. Martial Arts Club)

Winner: 3R DJ taiki by Decision (3-0)

Report and photo by Yoshinori Ihara (

Photo caption:  When brothers fight it can be the most intense of wars, as DJ taiki vs. SHOJI proved.