DYNAMITE!! – 12/31/2008: ‘Tatsuya Kawajiri Fighting Kickboxing Star Kozo Takeda in a Kickboxing Rules Bout!’


At the press conference K-1 Event Producer Sadaharu Tanikawa stated, "Because of the ‘Grand Coalition’ for the first time in many years, MMA and K-1 can amalgamate and battle, therefore, this year, its daring but I am going to do K-1 vs. DREAM match-ups. There are K-1 fighters who want to challenge in the DREAM rules as well." Basically he revealed that one of the main pillars of this year’s Dynamite!! is going to be fighters crossing the borders between K-1 and DREAM.

The first two MMA fighters that are challenging in the K-1 rules bouts are Tatsuya Kawajiri and Gegard Mousasi. Kawajiri will face very popular and hardcore Kozo Takeda, and this year’s DREAM middleweight GP champion is taking on Japanese heavyweight star Musashi.

Both Takeda and Kawajiri attended a press conference and Takeda spoke first, "Finally again in K-1, so I am pumped up. The New Year’s Eve show is where the world’s top fighters gather so I want to put my life on the line. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is I am just fighting hard. I am not planning to cut corners in this fight as well."

Then Kawajiri followed, "This is going to be my first K-1 rules bout, furthermore, the opponent is Takeda so right now I am only feeling fear. It may be too audacious but I am taking one step forward. With ‘The Power of the Courage’ I want to challenge Takeda" using this show’s tag line to express his motivation for this challenge.

Musashi also attended this press conference dressing rather more casual than usual then revealed, "Until thirty minutes ago I didn’t know about this. I feel like I was kind of just brought here but I guess I will fight hard." but it seems like at least he understands the concept of this fight, I don’t know anything about the opponent but I think its not necessary to have two Musashi’s in the game so I would like to win."

Then FEG read a message from Mousassi, "I respect Musashi as a fighter but it’s not necessary to have two Musashi’s. If you lose I want you to change your ring name to Mr. Mori or Kojiro." Then Musashi, with a forced smile, immediately said, "I don’t think he really said that. Who’s words were those? I mean, even the comment overlaps with mine" and also added, "Its been about fourteen years since I made a pro debut so is it OK for me to change my ring name now? Well, but I am not thinking about losing so I guess I am not thinking about this."


Wednesday, December 31st, 2009
At Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan

Doors Open – 14:00
Fight Starts – 15:00

Confirmed Cards (Subject to Change):

MMA Rules Bout

Kazushi Sakuraba (Japan / Laughter 7) vs. Kiyoshi Tamura (Japan / U-FILE CAMP)

DREAM Rules Bout 10 min / 1R, 5 min / 2R

Joachim Hansen (Norway / Frontline Academy) vs. J.Z. Calvan (Brazil / American Top Team)

K-1 Rules Bout

Kozo Takeda (Japan / Jiseikan) vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri (Japan / T-BLOOD)

K-1 Rules Bout

Musashi (Japan / Seidokaikan) vs. Gegard Mousasi (Holland / Team Mousashi – Red Devil International)

K-1 Koushien Semi-final

HIROYA (Japan / St. Jones International High School – junior) vs. Shota Shimada (Japan / Seibu-dai High School – junior)

K-1 Koushien Semi-final

Tatsuya Mokabe (Japan / Toyota High School – sophomore) vs. Koya Tobe (Japan / Misaki High School – senior)

Ticket Prices:

VIP – 100,000 yen / RS – 35,000 yen / Stand S – 18,000 yen / Stand A – 7,000 yen

Report and photo by Yoshinori Ihara (www.boutreview.com)

PIC: Kozo Takeda (right) is a hardcore kickboxing legend who is known for heavy sharp kicks to the legs and his gutsy toe-to-toe fighting style. This is almost an impossible challenge for Tatsuya Kawajiri. (left)