Announcing the Tri State MMA training league!

Dear friends,San Da Training Systems and the American Sambo Association are proud to announce the Tri-State Area MMA training league. This presents a unique opportunity for anyone interested in finding new training partners, doing cross training and helping solidify our community. Thanks to the efforts of these two oranizations, we can offer a friendly, supervised and safe environment for this type of training. THIS WOULD NOT BE A COMPETITION. This would be two Sundays a month that everyone can get together and work under different sets of rules. Possible sparring formats would include Sambo, San Da, submission grappling, and, of course, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The sessions will be supervised by several established coaches so there will also be opportunities to ask questions and get advice. Please, no egos. This is for EVERYONE’s development. At this time, the sessions will be held at New York San Da Gym at 336 W 37th Street for this purpose. They will be held on Sundays from 12:30 to 2:30. The next scheduled sessions will be;Sunday January 16, 2005Sunday January 30, 2005Sunday February 13, 2005Sunday February 27, 2005 The following rules and regulations will be in effect. 1. The Tri-State MMA training league is free to members of New York San Da Gym (formerly NYKK), New York Combat Sambo, San Da Training Systems and the American Sambo Association. For reasons of insurance, $2 per session or $10 for the YEAR will be charged of those who are not members of the above. 2. This is a FRIENDLY, open environment for training and personal growth. Please, no egos. We strive to have no injuries. That being said, ALL ARE WELCOME! 3. Please bring your own equipment. A groin cup and mouth piece is a must. For any striking training please bring gloves (boxing or MMA gloves). Shin guards would also be recommended. Missing gear? You can buy some at New York San Da Gym. 4. Please agree upon your rules before you start. The Tri-State MMA training league only has three requirements (A) no spiking (throwing anyone on head/shoulders) is allowed (B) no elbows are allowed (c) ‘gentlemen’s rules’ apply (nothing dirty) and (d) all sparring must have a referee (typically the moderators). 5. Please, TAP OUT. There is no honor in injury. This is a friendly practice. 6. Any other questions? Direct them to one of the moderators.