New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame to honor AL-Mu’assis Karriem ABdAllah as Traditional Martial Artist

Kareem AbdallahFrom New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame:

(New Jersey) – The New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame is extremely proud of its third class of inductees to the New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame. This class will be honored at the third dinner gala to be held at the beautiful La Quinta Inns & Suites on December 5, 2014.

On December 5th, AL-Mu'assis Karriem ABdAllah will be inducted as Traditional Martial Artist.

AL-Mu'assis Karriem ABdAllah is the 1st Black man in the history of the United States of America to create his own system of karate. Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, AL-Mu'assis Karriem ABdAllah has been a major force to be reckoned with in the karate world. He began karate February 1962 at the age of 17 under the guidance of his only teacher Sensei James Cheatham. He was taught by Sensei James Cheatham for three years until his untimely death in a plane crash May 30, 1966. His teacher's passing was a serious setback and he withdrew from the art for one year. Following constant pleads from youngsters that wanted to be taught, Karriem returned to karate. He started teaching for free in the Felix Fuld Court projects in the summer of 1967. As his popularity grew and demand grew, it was necessary to open a school. By November 1967 through the generosity of three friends, Timmy Miller, Garfield Davis and Tony "Chink" Shipley. Karriem opened his first karate dojo. This was the beginning of the creation and development of the KA System of Karate. At first it was difficult for the karate world to accept the KA System, but as time passed and the fighters kept winning the KA System was recognized like all other styles of karate these battles took place during the strong years of karate tournament 1967-1975. Without a doubt AL-Mu'assis Karriem ABdAllah is the first black man and Muslim in the history of America to have created a karate system. The system consist of 7 styles and 18 in between styles which total 25 styles of fighting. From 1967-1977 over 15,000 people were trained in the KA System of Karate. In 1977 Karriem retired from karate. For the next 10 years (1977-1987) he traveled the circuit as a trainer in kick boxing, amateur and professional boxing. However in 1987 he was persuaded by two friends Mudarris Nashid Abdul Wasi and AL-Hajj Idris Muhammad to return to karate. He then went to his desk to complete his first book. The K.A. System of Karate "The Freestyle Crouch" which was released January 1988. AL-Mu'assis Karriem ABdAllah credits his success and endeavors to his beloved Mother Lucille Lillian Durant, his only sister Hayat his religion Islam and discipline and sacrifice. He loves what he does and he does what he loves and that is teaching.

We hope you will join us on December 5, 20124 Mark your calendars now and purchase your tickets early so you can be sure to be a part of New Jersey martial arts history. Call 201-538-4843 or visit www.njmmaawards.comand get your ticket and join us in a historic night for New Jersey and for martial arts. It is certain to be a terrific night with family, friends, fun, and music.

Here is the complete list of award winners:

2014 Third Class Inductee Awards

  • Referee – Keith Peterson
  • Muay Thai Trainer – Tommy Dowd
  • MMA School Owner – Nick Catone
  • Prestigious Achievement – Dylan Wanagiel
  • Muay Thai Fighter – Justin Greskiewicz
  • Ringside Physician – Dr. Steven Oxler
  • Pioneer Physician – Dr. Mark Belafsky
  • Striking Coach – Mark Henry
  • USA Boxing – Henry Hascup
  • Event Organizer – Alan Goldberg
  • Pioneer Fighter – Chris Liguori
  • MMA Judge – Eric Colon
  • Administrator – Joan Pierce
  • Traditional Martial Arts – Karriem Abdallah
  • MMA Fighter – Dan Miller
  • Fighter of the year – Chris Weidman
  • MMA Nutritionist – Mike Dolce
  • Wrestling Coach – Scott Goodale
  • Scorekeeper – Ellen Rubin
  • Grappling – Tom Manelski