Minowa back in Pancrase for the First Time in 14 and half years

Ikuhisa Minowa

Ikuhisa Minowa, a.k.a. Minowa-man, will be back in Pancrase for the first time in 14 and half years.

This was revealed at Pancrase 285 held this past Sunday at Differ Ariake.

Minowa made a pro MMA debut in Pancrase back in 1997.

He was a fighter out of the team called Makoto gym at the time but switched to Pancrase Tokyo dojo, and quickly became one of the regulars, and popular fighters of Pancrase.

In May of 2003, his wish to train in the overseas was granted and Minowa left Pancrase.

Since then he fought for big Japanese MMA promotions like PRIDE and DREAM.

In recent years, Minowa has been active in promotions like IGF (Inoki Genome Federation) in Japan and ROAD FC in Korea.

A 41-year old made the special appearance in Pancrase 285, “Its been a long while. I am Minowa-man. I am planning on fighting here in the summer. The old Pacnrase fans, and the new Pancrase fans, please come to watch myself fighting.”

The last Pancrase appearance for Minowa was back in February 2013. He fought Ricardo Almeida at Grand Cube Osaka.


report by Shu Hirata
photo courtesy of Bout Review (www.boutreview.com)