In 2013 Three Glory Shows in Japan and “No Reason to Not Continue Dream”

GSI Chariman Pierre Andurand, CEO Marcus Luer, and all winners of NYE show attended the press conference held on January 1st in TokyoGSI (Glory Sports International) held a press conference in Tokyo on January 1st.

GSI executives, Semmy Schilt, Shinya Aoki, and the other winners of NYE shows attended this press conference.

CEO Marcus Luer talked in regards to 2013 schedule, "March 23rd in London, then April in Istanbul and Milan, then probably on May 3rd, we will be back in Tokyo." In addition, he also revealed a plan of promoting a smaller show in Tokyo to discover new talents, and this will be called "Road To GLORY", and its planned for March. Also, another show at the end of the year, therefore, that will be three GLORY shows in Japan this year.

In regards to DREAM, Luer explained, "We are building a good relationship with team in Japan so I promise there will be another show. We would like to revive popularity of kakutougi in Japan."

However at this point, there is no specific plan, "Definite plan is yet to be confirmed. But yesterday's show was a big success so there is no reason to not continue." GSI Chairman Pierre Andurand also added, "We just don't have confirmed plan yet. Please give us few more weeks till the official announcement."

Then, Tatsuya Kawajiri said something very interesting, "To promote DREAM brand, I would like to fight ONE FC champion and Bellator champion, and become an unified triple crown champion."

I believe Kawajiri said this because there is an alliance formed between DREAM, ONE FC and Bellator.

But realistically, Bellator is way above DREAM and ONE FC in terms of MMA promotion, and at this point, it’s the definite number two in this industry behind UFC.

Especially from this year, the promotion will be on Spike TV and they are going to have a different level of "league" compared to DREAM and ONE FC. Which means I don't think we will see Bellator champ fighting outside Bellator and also, I can't imaging Bellator giving a title fight opportunity to a fighter that is on a contract with different promotion.

But I can be wrong. Anything is possible in this industry.

And that is the reason why no reporters questioned Kawajiri or GSI about an affiliation with ONE FC and Bellator at this press conference.

Report by Shu Hirata
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