FS1 UFC TONIGHT Show Quotes – 9/16/15

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Florian on Nick Diaz’s suspension: “It came across as vindictive. It’s absolutely ridiculous

Rousey on fighting Holm: “I’ll have to be a much more mature fighter to finish her.”

LOS ANGELES – UFC TONIGHT host Kenny Florian and guest hosts Michael Bisping interview Miesha Tate and Elias Theodorou. Karyn Bryant and Ariel Helwani add reports.

UFC TONIGHT host Kenny Florian on Nick Diaz’s five-year suspension by the Nevada Athletic Commission for testing positive for marijuana after UFC 183: “It came across as vindictive. With the new rules, it should have been a three-year suspension. It’s absolutely ridiculous, Anderson Silva tested positive for steroids and he’s training right now for his next fight. I’m not saying Nick shouldn’t get penalized, but this is too much. More fighters will be hesitant to fight in Nevada now.”

UFC TONIGHT guest host Michael Bisping on the Diaz suspension: “It’s just ridiculous that the commission didn’t accept the two results from the WADA lab. He had an attitude at the hearing and they deemed it disrespectful, but they didn’t follow the facts. They had their minds made up already.”

Miesha Tate on Diaz suspension: “It seems like they [the commission] were more irritated with his actions than what he actually did.”

Tate on what’s next for her after not getting the Ronda Rousey rematch: “I’m not exactly sure what my next move is. I’m in this awkward stage. I’m in limbo.”

Tate on UFC president Dana White saying a third loss to Rousey would kill her career: “I disagree. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I don’t plan on losing to Ronda a third time. It’s kind of offensive that he’s counting me out. It bothers me a little bit. He thinks what he thinks.”

Tate on Holm getting the shot at Rousey: “I understand. They want to get the undefeated vs. undefeated. I’m not going to say from a business perspective it doesn’t make sense. But the problem I have with it is the UFC promised me a title fight leading up to my last fight. It was a title eliminator fight, and after winning the fight I was told I’d get the title shot. But then not finding out from the company and waking up to text messages. That was a little harder than them calling me up and telling me this is what just makes sense at the time. My manager is talking to them, but I haven’t talked to them personally.

Tate on her next fight: “The news of not fighting Ronda was kind of shocking. I’m kind of in a state of limbo right now. I don’t know where I’m going to go.”

Tate on fighting Cyborg in the future: “I’d love to fight Cris. It’d be an amazing opportunity to fight someone as accomplished as her and to challenge myself. I hear she’s planning a fight at 140 under the Invicta FC banner. I’m not fighting for them. If she moves to the UFC, then I’m your girl.”

Tate on if Rousey should fight Cyborg at 140 pounds: “Ronda is the champion, but so is Cyborg. They’re both dominant champions. To me it makes sense to meet at the middle.”

Tate on Rousey fighting lower-ranked fighters: “That’s part of my frustration. They want me to keep fighting top-five people and she’s fighting lower ranked fighters.”

Tate on avenging a fight: “I look to avenge the loss to Cat Zingano at some stage of my career.”

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Ronda Rousey on how she hears about changes in fights: “From a phone call from Dana White, always. It’s like getting called to the principal’s office. He asks me and I’m always ‘Yes.’ I’m ready to fight any day. They’ve done so much for me, I’m there for them.”

Rousey on facing Holly Holm in the next title defense: “She’s got the best footwork of anyone I’ve ever fought before, so I couldn’t just come up and tie her up right away. She’s a great counterpuncher, I have to be more careful. I can’t be as risky. It’ll take a lot of patience to set her up to break the distance. I’ll have to be a much more mature fighter to finish her. I’ve been keeping my eye one her since before she moved to MMA. I knew our paths would cross at some point. I know I’ve been her focus since she came into this, but she’s been in the back of my mind the whole time too.”

Rousey on her thoughts about fighting in a huge stadium: “I thought – that’s as big as a whole WrestleMania. I’ll have to sell it all by myself. That’s a tall order. It’s great that the UFC has confidence we can set the record. It’s a testament to how far women’s MMA has come. It’s going to be great to set the record.”

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UFC TONIGHT Insider Ariel Helwani on Rory MacDonald’s next fight: “I’m told there have been preliminary talks for booking Rory MacDonald vs. Hector Lombard in early 2016. Hector’s suspension is done on January 3rd. So it won’t be on January 2nd card. Both have said they’re on board for this fight. Rory has started to spar and is feeling good.”

Helwani on Rashad Evans parting ways with his manager: “He’s parted ways with longtime manager Glenn Robinson, the owner of the Blackzilians. He says they still have a good relationship and he’s still a part of the Blackzilians. He’s being managed by Shari Spencer. She’s GSP’s and Frankie Edgar’s ex manager. He says he wanted more focus on him and someone to help build his brand.”

Helwani on why Bryan Caraway has turned down fights recently: “Urijah Faber, Aljamain Sterling and Manny Gamburyan have all said Bryan Caraway turned down fights with them. Caraway said he did turn down the fight with Faber. It wasn’t the right timing, but he didn’t get offered the other fights.”

Helwani on Paige VanZant’s new deal and next fight: “Her manager, Mike Roberts, says they want to get a new contract before her next fight. Randa Markos has been very vocal and wants to fight her. She’s pissed that Paige has passed her up in the rankings.”

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