FOX SPORTS LIVE UFC FIGHT NIGHT Postfight Coverage Quotes and Videos – 5/10/14

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Cruz and Bisping Break Down UFC FIGHT NIGHTFights, Plus Brown and Larkin Interviews
– The following quotes are from tonight’s FOX SPORTS LIVE UFC FIGHT NIGHT: BROWN VS. SILVA postfight coverage on FOX SPORTS 1. The show washosted by Jay Glazer, with Dominick Cruz and Michael Bisping as analysts.

UFC ON FOX Analyst Dominick Cruz on Matt Brown’s victory over Erick Silva: “These guys kept the pace of flyweights at the start of the fight. It was an amazing fight. The mixture of elbows, punches, and knees was great. Brown shows his toughness after recovering from a liver shot in the first. Then he gets another liver shot in the second and still stays in the fight. He showed his experience. He stayed in the fight just enough in the first so the ref didn’t stop it, and then he came back. He threw combinations and combinations win fights.”

UFC ON FOX Analyst Michael Bisping on what set Brown above Silva: “Matt Brown showed his forward aggression and punching power. He hit the elbows at close range. It was only a matter of time for the ref to get in and end it. He was just swarming. It was a masterpiece of Muay Thai. He stayed in the pocket, threw combinations, knees and elbows and finished it off.”
UFC ON FOX Analyst Kenny Florian on Brown versus Silva: “It was a ridiculous fight – one of the best I’ve ever seen. Matt Brown took over and he did it in the clinch. Once he found his groove, he was just devastating. I’m not sure he’s human. Silva showed so much heart and a great chin as well.”
Matt Brown on overcoming getting hurt in the first round: “I was hurt pretty bad. I came out and I was a little cold. It was my first main event. I warmed up right, but then had to wait for the main event to start. I don’t know how to prepare for that. I was cold. I guess I’ll have to ask Jon Jones. Give some credit to Erick. He comes from weird angles. You can’t train for him. He’s unpredictable and wild.”
Brown on who he wants to fight next: “Johny Hendricks.”
VIDEO: Brown Interview
VIDEO: Brown vs. Silva Highlights
Cruz on Costas Philippou’s victory over Lorenz Larkin: “Neither of these guys waited in this fight. They were both throwing hooks, punches right up the middle and knees. I love that both of these guys came and fired first. They met in the middle and went at it to win. If you’re a boxer and you’re not throwing your jab, you’re not setting it up. But Costas moved Larkin back with kicks and jabs and delivered the power. You have to close the distance, jabbing and kicking. He got him on the cage and knew he was going to move to the left, and he caught him with the right.”
Bisping on how Philippou scored the victory over Larkin: “Lorenz got against the fence and had nowhere to go and Costas got him. Tonight, both the guys came out swinging and they looked for the opportunity. When you’re throwing like that, somebody is going to go down. Lorenz fought with a lot of courage, but he allows the same thing to happen in training. He backs against the fence and has great head movement, but he has nowhere to go, and with a left hook and a right hand, Costas knocked him out.”
Costas Philippou on his victory over Lorenz Larkin: “I was worried that Larkin was going to take me down. He catches guys. It wasn’t really fun until I knocked him out. He got me with a couple good punches. He was very strong and very fast. My head went numb on one punch he landed. But it feels great to win.”
VIDEO: Philippou vs. Larkin Highlights
VIDEO: Philippou Interview
UFC President Dana White on Brown versus Silva: “That was one of the best first rounds I’ve ever seen. Brown ate those body shots like a champ. Those were brutal. The kid is becoming a big star, but he’s a huge star in Cincinnati tonight.”
White on if Brown will fight for a title next: “I was just talking to him about that. I told him, let me get home and figure it out. He’s not there yet because he was injured. We’re going to give him something big – maybe Hector Lombard is next.”
White on if Brown will fight Diaz next: “There’s no sign of Diaz. Until they call me, both are not fighting. Nate will come back before Nick. Nick is still saying he’s retired.”
White on Cruickshank’s victory over Koch and his desire to coach The Ultimate Fighter: “Cruickshank has a way to go until he’s coaching The Ultimate Fighter. He’s extremely talented if he lets his hands and feet go. This was a big proving fight for him and will take a step to the next level.”
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