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Florian on how Werdum wins: “He has to control the distance, vary the attack and look for a submission in a transition.”

UFC 188 Preview, Plus Velasquez, Tate and Penne Interviews on UFC TONIGHT

LOS ANGELES – UFC TONIGHT hosts Daniel Cormier and Kenny Florian preview UFC 188. Florian interviews heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez about his title defense against interim champ Fabricio Werdum. Miesha Tate co-hosts and talks about her upcoming fight, while Jessica Penne talks about her title fight next week. Karyn Bryant and Ariel Helwani add reports.

UFC TONIGHT Host Kenny Florian on Cain Velasquez’s fighting strength: “This guy is non-stop action. His whole game is to pressure his opponent and make them suffer and see who breaks first. He’s one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC.”

UFC TONIGHT Host Daniel Cormier on Fabricio Werdum getting better: “Fabricio Werdum has gotten better with time. At 37, he the best we’ve seen him. He has confidence. We always talk about how important confidence is. What he did with Travis Browne, walking him down with his striking, was impressive. And then to knock out Mark Hunt was great.”

UFC TONIGHT Guest Host Miesha Tate on Werdum being underrated: “Don’t you feel Werdum has been highly underrated in all his fights? You never know what to expect. He could be showing up and showing new things in his game that could pose problems for Cain.”

Cormier on Velasquez’s keys to victory: “He has to apply constant pressure. He has to use his boxing. He keeps everything tight and crisp. He has to mix in takedowns – he can’t abandon his wrestling.”

Florian on Werdum’s keys to victory: “His first key is to control the distance. He’s got to keep Cain on the outside. He has to vary the attack and mix it up. And he has to look for a submission in a transition.”

Cain Velasquez on if he’ll change his training style after all his injuries: “I’ll keep it the same. It’s working. It’s not just us getting hurt. Other fighters are too. We’re fighters. We spar. It takes a toll on the body. I’m 100 percent healthy now. I’m happy with the training camp.”

Velasquez on how he’ll fight Werdum: “He’s a complete fighter. He punches, he kicks. He’s one of the best on the ground. We know what we have to do to beat him. We have to apply a lot of pressure, a lot of punches and kicks.”

Velasquez on Werdum claiming he can win the fight anywhere it goes: “Every fighter has that confidence, but I’m going to show him Saturday what’s going to happen.”

Velasquez on if he thinks Werdum’s interim title is a paper title: “He’s the interim champ. He didn’t get the real belt, obviously. I’m happy to show everyone who the real champ is.”

Velasquez on how the fight will end: “I never have a prediction. I always say that it’s going to be a five-round war. I’m ready for everything. If it ends early, then I’ve done something right. I expect a long, grueling fight.”

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Tate on Gilbert Melendez and Eddie Alvarez fighting at UFC 188: “I think Melendez is going to be reinvigorated after his bad performance against Pettis. You come back and feel you’ve got to get back on your A Game. That’s what makes Gil my favorite fighter. What makes Alvarez so good is he moves laterally and punches hard when moving backward. That’s very hard to master. You have to take that into consideration. Gil can’t run into the punches.”

Cormier on what Melendez and Alvarez need to do in the fight: “In the Pettis fight, Melendez looked like he was rushing things. Gilbert needs to slow down, believe in his boxing and believe in his wrestling. Alvarez has to push the pace against Melendez to make Gilbert make mistakes. If Alvarez fights slow, like against Cerrone, he’ll get picked apart. I think Gilbert is a little more well-rounded and will get the win.”

Miesha Tate on what her next opponent Jessica Eye brings to the fight: “She’s a very agile fighter. She’s got great footwork, head movement and her boxing is on point. Her striking is to be reckon with. But I’m a battle tested veteran. I have more tools in the tool belt. I think I’m a better wrestler, better grappler and I punch harder.”

Tate on Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia: “I think Bethe is in over her head. This fight is too early in her career. She has yet to fight anyone in top 10. It’s a deep pool and Ronda’s the queen of the division. It’s a big step up for Bethe.”

Tate on Rousey not wanting to fight Cyborg at a catch weight: “I find it funny she’ll move up to fight Gina, but not Cyborg. You should do the same for both. Don’t make the exception for one, but not the other.”

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Jessica Penne on if her title fight against Joanna Jedrzejczyk is a striker vs. grappler fight: “I think it is, but I’m also one of the most well rounded fighters in the division. I have a lot more tools than she does. She’s a good striker. She’s a tough opponent, but so am I.”

Penne on Carla Esparza losing the title to Jedrzejczyk: “I feel like Carla was defeated before she got in the cage. She didn’t show up the way she usually does. Joanna played a lot of head games and it worked to her advantage.”

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