FOX Sports 1 UFC TONIGHT Show Quotes – 4/29/15

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Stann on Jones’ punishment: “I think it hurt him hard and affect things he cherishes.”

LOS ANGELES – On tonight’s UFC TONIGHT, host Kenny Florian and guest host Michael Bisping talk to FOX UFC analyst Brian Stann about Jon Jones getting stripped of his title. Karyn Bryant and Ariel Helwani add reports.

UFC TONIGHT Guest Host Michael Bisping on the message the UFC sent to all fighters by stripping Jon Jones of his title: “It sends a clear message: whether you’re on the Fight Pass Prelims or you’re the pound-for-pound champion, you’ve got to be accountable for your actions.”

UFC TONIGHT Host Kenny Florian on what he hopes for Jones: “I’d like to see some kind of personal healing or rehabilitation. If you look at the accident, you don’t just flee. That’s a little fishy. He’s got to take care of these things and hopefully we’ll see him back in the UFC.”

Bisping on what he hopes happens to Jon Jones: “Is he going to be sorry for what he’s done? I want to see Jon learn from this. He’s not a bad person.”

Florian on if he feels like he’s a role model as a UFC athlete: “If you have a fan, just one fan, you’re a role model. People are watching and kids are watching. We’re not all perfect, but when you see a pattern, something needs to be done.”

Bisping on if the image of the UFC is hurt by Jones’ latest incident: “Yes. It wasn’t too long ago that the sport didn’t get what it deserved. We’ve all worked hard to look better.”

UFC TONIGHT Insider Ariel Helwani on a statement by Jon Jones’ management on his future: “We have no comment on the future.”

Helwani on if Daniel Cormier believes he has enough time to prepare for the fight: “I talked to Daniel Cormier and he said he weighs 230 pounds today. On the Sunday before a fight he says he usually weighs 226. He’s in great shape and training already. He’s doing rounds with Cain Velasquez. Luke Rockhold is back in the gym and training with him now too. He’s very confident he’ll be ready.”

Helwani on what Anthony Johnson’s coach Henri Hooft thinks about fighting Cormier instead of Jones: “He told me: ‘I think this is a better match-up than Jones. With Daniel Cormier, you know what he’s going to do.’ He likes the match up. They’re disappointed they’re not fighting Jones, but they like matchup against Cormier.”

Helwani on what’s next for Ryan Bader, who was supposed to fight Cormier: “He’s the odd man out now. He’s won four in a row. The UFC hasn’t decided what to do with him next. His manager told me they’d like to fight winner of Anthony Johnson vs. Daniel Cormier. They want the title shot.”

FOX UFC analyst Brian Stann on how shocked he was on the Jon Jones news: “I’d love to say I was shocked, but I was not. On a scale from one to 10, probably a four or a five. I was shocked at the details surrounding it and how it went down.”

Stann on his perception of Jones: “I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t witness him act with kindness and caring and be a person with character. In his loss to Matt Hamill, which was a simple rule break, he handled it with class and care. When he first came into that gym, people knew there was something unique about him. He had a lot more to lose than everyone around him, and the leaches came out who wanted to take something from him early on and he dealt with a lot of temptation. He’s very lucky. This is the second time he’s been in an automobile accident and somebody could have died. That’s an unfixable mistake.”

Stann on Jones’ future: “I’d like to see him think more – to stop for a second and think about the consequences of his actions for himself, for his family and people around him. He has to start thinking about how he lives his life and how it affects other people. I think it hurt him hard. It hurt his wallet and his belt and it affected things he earned and cherishes. I think feels bad about what he’s done.”

Stann on if he was surprised by Jones punishment: “I was surprised how quickly it happened. If you care about Jon, and saw this coming at some point, you are happy with it. This is the only way for him to realize there’s a problem. This is a massive embarrassment and a huge loss of money. And he’s lost his right to work. If you care about him, you wanted something to happen that would make him reevaluate how he lives his life and make the appropriate changes.”

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