FOX Sports 1 UFC 191 Postfight Show Quotes and Videos – 9/5/15

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Edwards on Johnson’s dominance over the division: “Demetrious is the most technically sound fighter in the whole UFC. Mighty Mouse is the new superhero of the UFC.”

Johnson retains belt after rematch with DodsonUFC President White on Johnson: “Mighty Mouse is probably the pound-for-pound best fighter in the UFC now.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – The following quotes and videos are from tonight’s FOX SPORTS 1 UFC 191 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FS2 hosted by Karyn Bryant, with Brian Stann and Yves Edwards providing analysis. Megan Olivi conducted interviews.

FOX UFC analyst Brian Stann how Demetrious Johnson defeated John Dodson: “Demetrious Johnson was a step ahead the whole fight. We talked about who got better going into this fight, and Johnson definitely got better and put on a far better performance than last time. Dodson is a comfort counter striker, but with DJ, you don’t know what he’s going to do because he was attacking from so many different ways. As a counter striker, you’re really looking to land a lucky strike, and Dodson couldn’t tonight.”

FOX UFC analyst Yves Edwards on Johnson’s dominance: “This guy is the champion of smallest guys in the UFC, but he’s the most technically sound fighter in the whole UFC. He’s fighting guys who are amazing athletes. Mighty Mouse is the new superhero of the UFC. Demetrious is the guy everyone should be aiming for.”

Stann on what makes Johnson so good: “Dodson tried to put more pressure on him in the first round. In the first fight, he didn’t pressure him, and instead set up traps. He didn’t do that this time. In the first fight Dodson knocked DJ down three times. But this time his best shot was after a bell. Johnson is extremely fast, has phenomenal conditioning, going 25 minutes, and acts like he could go more. He has amazing striking. He hit a spinning elbow off a double-leg take down. He hit him from all over the place, there’s so much innovation.”

VIDEO: Highlights: Johnson vs. Dodson

Demetrious Johnson on what set him apart tonight: “It was a good performance. I was quicker than him. I wanted to make him work a lot, put him against the cage, throw elbows, deliver some shots and make him work.”

Johnson on what he did differently this time: “I was more prepared. I used my footwork, didn’t overcommit, and was cleaner and more technical.”

Johnson on what gave him an edge over Dodson: “I knew he was going to be emotional. I respect him as a fighter.”

VIDEO: Johnson Interview:

Edwards on Arlovski vs. Mir: “I was waiting 10 years for this fight. They really didn’t lay it on the line, maybe because a possible title shot was on the line. Andrei was pushing forward and that was probably the edge.”

Stann on how Arlovski adjusted during the fight: “The head movement of Frank Mir was giving Andrei problems early in the fight. Frank was a step ahead and it would continue through the fight. But by the third round, Frank would dip his head and Andrei followed with another punch. The adjustment of adding a combination allowed him to actually land some shots.”

Andrei Arlovski on his fight: “I said I was going to finish him in the first round. But I didn’t take him seriously. He got me a couple of times. In the third round I woke up. Of course I’m disappointed. I was surprised that he kept fighting all three rounds. I need to do something differently with my training.”

Arlovski on who he wants to fight next: “It’s totally up to the UFC. I’m going to take lessons from this fight. We need to do some changes.”

VIDEO: Arlovski Interview

VIDEO: Arlovski was able to take down Mir at UFC 191. Take a closer look at how he was able to pick up the victory over the former champion.

Stann on Anthony Johnson’s improvements with his defeat over Jimi Manuwa: “There were two keys. One was use your wrestling, and he started to mix up this fight with some takedowns. Also, he used combinations. He hit a left kick to the body then the right hook to the chin for the knockout. We saw some real improvements to Anthony Johnson tonight.”

Johnson on fighting Manuwa: “I was excited to fight him because I knew he would stand and fight me, and I knew I had better standup, but I knew I could get knocked out by him, too.”

VIDEO: Johnson Interview:

VIDEO: Highlights of Johnson vs. Manuwa:

UFC President Dana White on Johnson vs. Dodson: “It was a shutout. DJ looked phenomenal. Dodson got destroyed. Mighty Mouse is probably the pound-for-pound best fighter in the sport right now.”

White on Johnson’s dominance: “Mighty Mouse just shut Dodson down so much. He’s an incredible fighter. He imposed his will on him tonight. He’s probably disappointed he didn’t finish him, but he shut him down.”

White on what he expected from Arlovski vs. Mir: “I expected it to look more like Travis Browne vs. Arlovski. I had Mir winning that fight.”

White on who Arlovski will fight next: “We’ll see. He’s had some big wins. It was a good win for him tonight.”

White on Johnson’s win: “It was a great win. Jimi Manuwa has been asking for a fight like this and you saw how it turned out for him. I’m still blown away by a guy who was 170 pounds, who could move to 205 and knock out guys. It’s phenomenal. Johnson’s always been a good wrestler. He knows what he needs to focus on to get back to that title.”

White on Paige VanZant: “She was relentless and dominant. She’s still very green and upcoming, but has the skills to become a rock star. She has the potential to be huge in this sport.”

VIDEO: Highlights of Paige VanZant vs. Alex Chambers

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