FOX SPORTS 1 UFC 190 POSTFIGHT SHOW Quotes and Videos – 8/1/15

From Fox Sports:

Evans on Rousey: “She’s developed her hands. They’re strong, they’re hard and they’re accurate. She’s just getting better and better.”

UFC President White on Rousey: “She’s the most badass woman anyone has ever seen.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – The following quotes and videos are from tonight’s FOX SPORTS 1 UFC 190 POSTFIGHT SHOW hosted by Jon Anik, with former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans and Kenny Florian providing analysis. Ariel Helwani conducted interviews.

FOX UFC analyst Kenny Florian on Ronda Rousey’s victory over Bethe Correia: “It seems like Ronda is in a rush to get somewhere, the way she’s finishing these fights so quickly. She’s showing evolution as a mixed martial artist. She could have gone to clinch and done an arm bar but she’s delivered the knockout.”

FOX UFC analyst Rashad Evans on what Correia could have done differently: “Bethe needed to move around a little more at the beginning of the fight. She seemed to have a lot of nerves. Rousey was more confident pushing forward, landing those shots. She’s head and shoulders above everyone.”

Florian on how Rousey will improve from this fight: “Ronda just finds a new way to win each time. This fight will add more value to her training in the future. She’ll pick out mistakes and get better with her striking and get even more dangerous. She knows she can submit you, and now she can use her striking and develop that more, and get even better. There’s no one in the division who can offer competition.”

Evans on how Rousey has added weapons to her game: “She’s developed her hands. They’re strong, they’re hard and they’re accurate. She’s just getting better and better.” 

Florian on how Rousey’s improvements cause problems for the competition: “She’s going to continue to be a problem for everyone because it’ll be a pick-your-poison scenario: if you respect the hands, you get thrown down. If you don’t, you’ll get punched. This is years and years of competing at an elite level. She’s looking to finish her opponent the second the bell rings.”

Evans on Miesha Tate fighting Rousey next: “What’s been most impressive about Miesha is her road back to the championship. She’s been tested. She’s had to fight through adversity. She knows she can go beyond the third round and give her best fight yet.”

VIDEO: Highlights: Rousey destroys Correia just 34 seconds into the 1st round.

Ronda Rousey on if she meant to finish the fight so quickly: “Once you’re in the moment, you don’t think about it. I was ready to go longer.”

Rousey on being emotional after the fight: “I didn’t expect the reception I got. I was trying my best not to cry. Sometimes I can’t believe this is my life.”

Rousey on if she dedicated this fight for wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper: “I talked to him before this fight and I told him I’m going to do the name proud. I hope him and my dad had a good time watching it together.”

Rousey on if she’s being challenged by her competition: “Yeah, to get a knockout like that was a challenge. I want to silence every critic. I just did with that one.”

Rousey on if she’d rather fight Miesha Tate or Cyborg: “I prefer to fight who makes weight and doesn’t do drugs. If that’s what the fans want, beating up Miesha is good for both our careers. I’d like to be on the Aldo – McGregor card, but it’s up to the UFC.”

VIDEO: Interview Rousey on her win against Bethe Correia, her likely third fight against Miesha Tate, and a possible fight with Cyborg.

Florian on how Shogun Rua beat Rogerio Nogueira: “Some guys are meant to fight each other. This was an awesome back and forth battle. Shogun kept going low with his kicks, so I was waiting for him to kick upstairs, but he didn’t. Both these guys looked sharp. Shogun adjusted with the kicking and slowed down the Nogueira by attacking the front leg, then landing the takedowns, and that made the difference in the fight.”

Evans on what Nogueira did well against Shogun Rua: “Styles make fights. Nogueira was getting the best at the beginning, but Shogun showed how tough he was and his takedowns and leg kicks kept Nogueira off balance. Little Nog looked faster, and was nice and bouncy on his feet. He was able to counter Shogun well at the beginning of the fight. But he couldn’t dictate the pace.”

Shogun Rua on how he thought the fight went: “I knew it was a hard fight. He had great boxing. I almost lost in the first round, but I battled back.”

Rua on who he wants to fight next: “Rampage called me out recently. I’ll fight Rampage any time. Just match it up, UFC.”

VIDEO: Highlights of Shogun Rua beating Rogerio Nogueira

VIDEO: Interview: Rua talks about his decision win against Rogerio Nogueira

UFC President Dana White on if he was impressed with Ronda Rousey’s performance: “Yes. You don’t see women knock women out like that. She knocked her out. She’s an absolute beast. She just keeps getting better. Tonight’s fight is trending bigger than UFC 189.”

White on why Rousey is so popular: “She’s the most badass woman anyone has ever seen. People are just drawn to her.”

White on if fighters are fighting Rousey incorrectly: “You didn’t want to go to the ground with her because of her ground skills. Now you don’t want to stand with her, because she’ll knock you to the ground. She keeps getting better. That’s scary.”    

White on if Cyborg will get a shot at Rousey: “The day she makes the weight, that fight is on. That fight will go nuts. I’m changing my mind, we’ll do 2.5 million buys for that one.”

White on if Claudia Gadelha gets the next strawweight title fight: “Yes, she looked amazing.”

VIDEO: Dana White Interview

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