FOX SPORTS 1 UFC 174 POSTFIGHT SHOW Quotes and Videos – 6/14/14

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Cormier and Evans Break Down UFC 174Fights, Plus Dana White Interview

– The following quotes are from tonight’s UFC 174 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FOX SPORTS 1 for UFC 174: JOHNSON VS. BAGAUTINOV. The show washosted by Karyn Bryant, with UFC light heavyweights Daniel Cormier and Rashad Evans providing analysis. Ariel Helwani conducted interviews on-site.
UFC 174 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FOX SPORTS 1Analyst Daniel Cormier on Demetrious Johnson’s victory: “We said the speed advantage would be with Demetrious Johnson in this fight and we immediately saw that. It looked like he had improved striking and was great in the clinch. DJ didn’t take his foot off the gas pedal the whole time. He was going for the finish. DJ hit Ali on the chin several times. But Ali hung in there. This was the most complete performance we’ve seen from Johnson.”
UFC 174 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FOX SPORTS 1Analyst Rashad Evans on Johnson’s improved skills: “His improvement was in the clinch. He was hitting Ali in the body a lot. That affects you later in the fight, it takes your energy and you don’t have it in the gas tank later. Johnson showed such dominance. Who can take him in the division? If Bagautinov was less of a fighter, he would have been finished, but it was his toughness that let him stay in there. Ali made him work.”
Demetrious Johnson on his performance: “It was a great performance. Ali Bagautinov was tough. I heard the stats were off the charts. It was a great fight and he kept pushing.”
Johnson on what the difference was in his performance tonight: “It was definitely the clinch game. He was trying to slow me down and I was trying not to let him. When he got a hold of me, I just kept banging on the liver. I’d be surprised if he’s not urinating blood tonight.”
Johnson on who he wants to fight next: “It doesn’t matter who I fight next. There isn’t a guy in the division who has a win over me. When everyone in the division has a loss by me, it’ll be cleaned out. That hasn’t happened yet.”
VIDEO: Johnson Interview
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UFC President Dana White on Johnson’s performance tonight: “The kid is unbelievable, there’s not a thing he can’t do. He’s always impressive. A Dodson rematch makes the most sense. I’m not saying that’s the next fight for him, but I like that fight.”
White on MacDonald’s performance: “He dominated Woodley. He made him not look like he shouldn’t have even been in there. If I had to criticize him at all, he had Woodley wobbled and hurt and MacDonald stood on the outside. Go in there and try to finish him. But he looked good. I liked the way he fought. He’s great.”
White on if MacDonald did enough to get the title shot next: “The Matt Brown – Robbie Lawler winner will get the title fight.”
White on if the Andrei Arlovski – Brendan Schaub fight was scored wrong: “I think everyone would agree that fight sucked. The fans lost in that fight. For anyone to think Schaub got robbed, the first two rounds could have gone either way. For Schaub to feel like he got robbed tonight is absolute comedy. Schaub looked like he got hit by a baseball bat. We got robbed tonight. That should never have been on the main card tonight. That fight should have been on the prelims.”
VIDEO: Dana White Interview
Evans on Rory MacDonald’s victory over Tyron Woodley: “I was really surprised with his performance. Everyone was asking if Rory MacDonald could handle Woodley’s wrestling takedowns. But he kept Woodley on his heels and it’s really hard to take anyone down when you’re on your heels. Rory was putting on a clinic and could do anything he wanted tonight. He just stalked Woodley.”
Cormier on MacDonald’s performance: “He came of age tonight. He took a guy who was supposed to be competitive with him and he put it to him. This was the best Rory MacDonald we’ve seen. Even at the beginning, Rory took the center and took the fight where he wanted. He kicked Tyron in the body early on, and that lowered Tyron’s arms and made it tough for him.”
Rory MacDonald on his performance: “I had a lot of fun. I’m happy. I was impressed with my training. It showed. I felt great. He’s a really good opponent. I had fun training for his style. It was an awesome challenge and a cool obstacle.”
MacDonald on if he wants the title shot: “I appreciate there are other guys who have come up and performed well, but I want everyone to know that I’m right there, ready for that shot. I want them to know I’m going to be the champion, if they make me wait for it or not. No one’s going to stop me.”
VIDEO: MacDonald Interview
VIDEO: Highlights of MacDonald’s victory over Woodley
Ryan Bader on how he got the victory over Rafael Feijao: “I wanted to get back to my roots. I started to fall in love with my hands, but I needed to get back to my wrestling. I knew I had to make it an ugly fight, wear him down and make him feel like he didn’t want to be in there.”
Bader on who he wants to fight next: “I don’t know – OSP. He’s been on one of the biggest winning streaks in the division. He just beat one of my teammates, so I guess I should get some revenge.”
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