DEEP CAGE IMPACT 2015 – 07/20/2015: Kitaoka Submitted Okano To Defend Deep Lightweight Title

Satoru Kitaoka defended his DEEP lightweight title by submitting Yuuki Okano. Kitaoka is now on a five-fight win streakYuuki Okano used to fight at the welterweight division until he lost to Yuya Shirai and K-taro Nakamura last year.

These two consecutive losses made Okano to go down down to 155 lbs, and since then, he has been doing very well. He scored a first round KO win over Kimihiro Eto in February followed by an unanimous decision win against a former DEEP lightweight champ Daisuke Nakamura.

However, the champion, Satoru Kitaoka had no problem beating Okano.

Right from the beginning, it was all Kitaoka.

Kitaoka closed the distance, pushed Okano to the cage. Okano defended well for a while. Didn't allow Kitaoka to take him down. But the champion was persistent. Kitaoka eventually picked up Okano's leg, and slammed him to the canvas for a takedown.

From there it was an usual Kitaoka-world.

First, Kitaoka tried to pass the guard first and if that didn't work, then kept a top position with half-mount, and for either arm-triangle choke or unleashed punches to Okano's stomach.

In the second round Okano tried to dictate the pace by pushing Kitaoka to the cage. However, Kitaoka looked like he actually expected this circumstance and quickly wrapped his left arm around Okano's neck. Then, Kitaoka pulled Okano to the ground for a guillotine choke.

Okano had no where to go but tap.

After the fight, Kitaoka grabbed the microphone and told the fans, "Right now, DEEP is the pinnacle in the Japanese MMA. However, I just achieved a complete domination of the entire lightweight division. I annihilated all. Any complain?"

Sunday, July 20th, 2015
At Ohta Ward Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan

Official Results:

DEEP Lightweight Title Bout 5 min / 3R
Satoru Kitaoka (Japan / Lotus Setagaya) vs Yuuki Okano (Japan / Mach Dojo)
Winner: 2R 0'56" Satoru Kitaoka by Submission (guillotine choke)

Report by Shu Hirata
Photo courtesy of Bout Review (