Biggest winner and loser from UFC Fight Night 62

Biggest Winner and Loser from UFC Fight Night 62: Maia vs. LaFlare

UFC Fight Night 62, headlined by a match between Demian Maia and Ryan LaFlare, gave viewers a little bit more action than expected as nine fights on the cards ended in finishes, some of them in spectacular (and some in terrible) fashion.  Per usual, I’m following up the event with my thoughts on who gained and lost the most on the night.


This was a tough one, but I finally settled on Freddy Serrano for his third round KO victory over Bentley Syler.  Until the KO, Serrano looked good (but not great) in his UFC debut.  Then the third round rolled around and Serrano landed an uppercut as solid as any I’ve seen and put Bentley out for the count.  It was an impressive debut for Serrano, who also scored one of the $50,000 Performance of the Night bonuses.

Honorable mention: Godofredo “Pepey” Castro for his first-round submission victory over Andre Fili.  Going into the fight as an underdog, Castro surprised many with the win over Team Alpha Male member Fili.  Pepey’s stock went up, and so did his bank account with a $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus.


Eduardo Herdy.  Who is Eduardo Herdy, you ask?  Well, if you’ve heard the words “terrible stoppage(s)” in relation to the UFC’s most recent event, it was referee Herdy who was the culprit.  In one fight, he watched a fighter tap to a rear naked choke, then tap again, and again, and again (you get the point) until he finally stopped the fight too late.  Thankfully no one was injured, but it was a clear mistake nonetheless.  Then, Drew Dober was potentially on his way to being submitted by Leandro Silva, but had not yet tapped or verbally submitted to Silva’s guillotine and Herdy mysteriously called the fight off, much to the protestations of nearly everyone in attendance and those watching at home on tv.  Thankfully, the UFC chose to pay Dober his win bonus as Dana felt the stoppage was a terrible decision, but his pleas for the athletic commission to overturn the victory to a No Contest have apparently fallen on deaf ears as reports are emerging that the victory for Silva will stand.  Herdy cemented his place in Dana’s “Steve Mazagatti Hall of Shame” that night, and he’ll likely never work another UFC event again.

Honorable mention: Shayna Baszler.  I expected Baszler to lose, and she did, and for the sake of her legacy as one of the pioneers of Women’s MMA, I hope that she chooses to retire and focuses on her role as a knowledgeable and dedicated training partner to the likes of Ronda Rousey.   The sport has passed Baszler by and it’s time for her to step out gracefully before she’s pushed out long past her prime.