Ashimov defeats Silander, claims interim flyweight title at M-1 Challenge 87

With a TKO of Mikael Silander at M-1 Challenge 87 Arman Ashimov earned the interim flyweight title and a chance to take on defending champion Aleksander Doskalchuk.  M-1 Challenge 87 took place February 9th at the M-1 Arena in St. Petersburg, Russia with a webcast through the promotion’s website.

Mikael Silander staggered Arman Ashimov early in the first round with a leg kick and scored with two more before taking Arshimov down late in the round while Ashimov landed a counter right to the face and a couple to the midsection.  Round 2 started off more of the feeling out process until Ashimov darted in for a right uppercut that knocked down Silander while two hammerfists landed before the ref stopped the fight.  In his third M-1 Global appearance Ashimov’s record improved to 8-2, Silander fell to 17-6 with his own three-fight win streak broken.

Timur Nagibin vs. Jadison Costa was primarily a battle of standing fighter versus ground fighter.  Nagibin had three defining moments, the first came in the first round when he punched the midsection of Costa who yelled in pain possibly from a broken rib.  The second was when Nagibin seemed to injure Costa’s left knee with a stomp in the first round while when Costa was on his back and Nagibin was standing leaving Costa to clutch his knee.   In the third round Nagibin landed a four-punch combination that ended the fight.  With the win Nagibin climbed to 14-3, Costa dropped to 23-9.

M-1 Challenge 87 results

  • Tino Gilaranz def. Valentin Kryzhanovsky by unanimous decision
  • Anatoly Liagu def. Aleksandar Rakas by unanimous decision
  • Artem Nenakhov def. C. Tchoungui by unanimous decision
  • Adam Bogatirov def. Jose Agustin 2:54 R1 by TKO
  • Jani Salmi def. Nikolay Goncharov by unanimous decision
  • Pavel Gordeev def. Bobur Kurbonov by unanimous decision
  • Daniil Prikaza def. Anderson Queiroz 1:37 R1 by TKO
  • Shavkat Rakhmonov def. Levan Solodovnik 4:42 R2 by triangle choke
  • Pablo Ortmann def. Ingiskhan Ozdoev 3:47 R1 by triangle choke
  • Dimitriy Mikutsa def. Kleber Silva by unanimous decision
  • Timur Nagibin def. Jadison Dimitry Costa 3:07 R3 by KO
  • Interim flyweight title: Arman Ashimov def. Mikael Silander 3:05 R2 by TKO