ALL JAPAN GRAPPLING CHAMPIONSHIPS – 10/25/2015: UFC Fighter Sasaki Wins Flyweight Division

In the final of flyweight division Ulka Sasaki (right) needed only 91 seconds to finish Ryo Hatta (left) by a rear naked chokeInaugural All Japan Grappling Championships was held at GEN Sports Palace in Tokyo on Sunday.

UFC fighter Ulka Sasaki dropped down to 125 lbs division for the first time in his career and dominated the flyweight division.

In the first round bout, he was being cautious in the beginning though.

Didn't really go for a submission but instead Sasaki was concentrating on keeping the top position. But just little after 4 minutes 30 seconds mark, when his opponent shot in, Sasaki snapped on a guillotine choke.

Out of anyone, his opponent in the semi-final, Shoji Masada, did the best job against Sasaki. The founder of team Spiral Ohana defended well. But that was about it though. Sasaki kept the back-mount position for almost the entire bout. He kept on trying to wrap his arm around Shota's neck for a rear naked choke. Although this bout went to the decision, it was still a complete domination by Sasaki.

After wining the final bout against Ryo Hatta, Sasaki talked about his weight cut "I was doing fine till about the last 2 kilo but the last 600 grams were very difficult. Also, I am used to weigh-in on the day before but this time weigh-in was today, and I didn't recover well. I just ate too much so I was so full going into bouts. I like the feeling of fighting at the flyweight though. I can control the opponent better and more than anything I can't imagine myself having disadvantage in the strength department."

The following is the winner of each weight classes:

Sunday, October 25th, 2015
At GEN Sports Palace, Tokyo, Japan


Flyweight –
Ulka Sasaki (Freelance)

Bantamweight –
Yuta Shimada (Nexusense)

Featherweight –
Hiroshi "Iron" Nakamura (CARPE DIEM)

Lightweight –
Kenshiro Watabe (Paraestra Kichijouji)

Report by Shu Hirata
Photo courtesy of Bout Review (

Bantamweight Yuta Shimada needed a full two five-minute rounds to beat Takumi Murata in the final. Looking very happy with the trophy Bellator veteran Hiroshi "Iron" Nakamura executed a perfect leg lock in the final against Minoru Takeuchi to win the featherweight division Even with the head injury Kenshiro Watanbe edged out Hiroyuki Ota in the final to win lightweight division