Advanced Class Amateur MMA in New Jersey

From New Jersey State Athletic Control Board:

NEW Advanced Level Amateur MMA Classification

Dear NJSACB Amateur MMA Community:

Please be advised that the Board has voted to introduce an advanced classification level of amateur MMA competition for all regulated MMA events which are scheduled subsequent to January 1, 2015.

This advanced level will:

  • -not require shin or foot/instep pads;
  • -will allow kicks to the head to a standing opponent;
  • -will allow knees to the head to a standing opponent;
  • -will allow twisting leg submissions and heel hooks; and
  • -will allow all types of hand strikes to the legal head areas of a grounded opponent.

To be eligible for agency consideration to compete at this advanced amateur level, the amateur competitor should:

  • -have an overall record in amateur MMA of .500 or better;
  • -have at least three amateur MMA victories; and
  • -have won their most recent amateur MMA contest.

The agency may also consider boxing, wrestling, kick boxing, grappling or other athletic credentials as a substitute for one or more of the above prerequisites.

This advanced level will require professional medicals.

The decision to allow a competitor to compete in this advanced class shall rest within the sole discretion and opinion of this agency.

Looking forward to working with all of you in 2015 and your involvement in our amateur MMA program.

Very truly yours,