ADCC Russia 2016 – Submission machine 3 – Results

adcc-russia-2016-octoberADCC Submission Fighting
Moscow Region Championship
“Submission machine 3”
23rd October, 2016
Rusich Martial Arts Center, , Moscow


Weight category -66kg, class A:

  1. Magomedov Shamsudin, “Lion”
  2. Mogilev Denis, “Svarog”
  3. Yudakov Artem, “Mech”

Weight category -77kg, class A:

  1. Shestakov Grigoriy, “Lion”
  2. Abidzhba Gleb, “Fighter”
  3. Vladislav Losev, “Lion”

Weight category -77kg, class B:

  1. Alibayov Gadzhimurat, “Agat”
  2. Alex Smagin, “Rusich”
  3. Balabaev Eugene, “Arta”

Weight category -88 kg, class B

  1. Maxim Viktorov, “Olymp”
  2. Cyril Kozak, “Rusich”
  3. Yashchuk Basil, “Perun”

Weight category +99 kg, class B:

  1. Suwon Ruslan, “Tula tanks”
  2. Dmitry Dokuchaev, “Team Strela”
  3. Brain Maxim, “Ronin Family”

The absolute champion of the competition in the category A:
Shestakov Grigoriy, “Lion”

Best Team:


Organizer: ADCC Russia