ADCC Germany Tsujigiri Superfights 2017 – Results

ADCC Submission Fighting
Superfights at the FIBO in Cologne
8th April, 2017
FIBO Expo, Messeplatz, Cologne, Germany

On this special opportunity ADCC was presented at the World’s biggest Fitness Expo in Cologne with 6 Superfights of german Grapplers.

Here are the results:

  • -76,9 kg: Luca Jatzek (Integra Fight) wins over Markus Held (German Top Team) after 4:20 Minutes by Submission via Armbar
  • -76,9 kg: Jan Björn Gromann (Budokeller Bonlanden) wins over Lukasz Zielonka (Fighter Emstek) after 7:11 Minutes by Submission via Anklelock
  • -87,9 kg: Florian Krause (Lutarilla Fight Team) wins over Mustafa Yilmaz (Pantera Fighter Osnabrück) by Points 3:0
  • -87,9 kg: Norman Gaucho (Pantera Fighter Osnabrück) wins over Wadim Werner (Fighter Emstek) after 6:49 Minutes by Submission via Ude-Garami
  • -87,9 kg: Jan Zander (Fight Fusion Regensburg) wins over Alexander Aust (Integra Fight) after 5:39 Minutes by Submission via Kimura
  • Women +60 kg: Hannah Rauch (Fight Fusion Regensburg) wins over Judith Ruis (Budokeller Bonlanden) by points 12:0


Organizer: ADCC Germany