DEEP 79 – 09/16/2017: Seven Fights Added

Yoshiyuki “Nagisa” Katahira (left) vs Ken Hasegawa (right)

DEEP added seven additional cards for DEEP 79.

One of them are the welterweight fight between Yoichiro Sato and Yoshiyuki “Nagisa” Katahira.

These two were in the welterweight GP and both lost to the finalist Ken Hasegawa. If these two fighters are hoping to climb back up to the title shot against Ryuichirou Sumimura, the new champion that defeated Hasegawa in the GP final, this is the fight they really can’t afford to lose.

The long-time veteran of Pancrase, CORO, signed with DEEP for the first time in his career. The bantamweight is now suffering with eight losses in a row. He is taking on a 21-year old from team GRABAKA named Takashi Ono.

Ono is also currently on a three-fight losing streak.

This event is going to take place at Ota Ward Gyminasium and there are about 5,000 seats at this venue.

Yet the fights DEEP announced so far have been less than impressive.

Lets hope DEEP would come up with some surprises.

CarAID Presents
Saturday, September 16th, 2017
At Ota-Ward General Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan
Doors Open – 13:30
Fight Starts – 14:00

Confirmed Cards (Subject to Change):

DEEP Strawweight Title Match 5 min / 3R
Kanta “Kan” Sato (Japan / Grappling Shoot Boxers) vs Haruo Ochi (Japan / Paraestra Ehime)

Featherweight Bout 5 minn/ 3R
DJ taiki (Japan / Pancrase-ism Yokohama) vs Takahiro Ashida (Japan / BRAVE)

Welterweight Bout
Youichiro Sato (Japan / Macao Jiu-jitsu Academy) vs Yoshiyuki “Nagisa” Katahira (Japan / Pancrase-ism Yokohama)

Lightweight Bout
Takuya “Kennnosuke” Oyama (Japan / INFIGHT JAPAN) vs “Gotohei” Narita (Japan / GRABAKA)

Bantamweight Bout
Hiroyuki Kobayashi (Japan / T-BLOOD) vs Chiaki Wakana (Japan / Ranger Gym)

Flyweight Bout
Makoto Takahashi (Japan / Paraestra Matsudo) vs Yuto Nakamori (Japan / Grappling Shoot Boxers)

Featherweight Bout
Yusuke Matsubayashi (Japan / INFIGHT JAPAN) vs Abby Kimura (Paraestra Chiba)

Bantamweight Bout
Takashi Ono (Japan / GRABAKA) vs CORO (Japan / K-Clann)

Flyweight Bout
Chikara Shimabukuro (Japan / CORE Ouji Toshima) vs Haruki Nakayama (Japan / K-Clann)


Report by Shu Hirata
Photo courtesy of Bout Review (