ADCC Qualifiers

ADCC Qualifiers 2016 – 2017
In order to compete in any of the Trials, fighters need to hold an original valid passport of the same region.
Fighters from Middle East and Africa can compete European Trials. (Need a proof of original valid Middle East or African passport)
1st Trials will qualify Male only.
2nd Trials will qualify Male and Female.
13 May, 2017 2nd ADCC EUROPEAN TRIALS 2017 Poznan, Poland
15 April, 2017 2nd ADCC NORTH AMERICAN TRIALS 2017 Anaheim, CA, USA
05 March, 2017 2nd ADCC ASIA & OCEANIA TRIALS 2017 Tokyo, Japan
04 February, 2017 2nd ADCC SOUTH AMERICAN TRIALS 2017 Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
28 January, 2017 1st ADCC SOUTH AMERICAN TRIALS 2017 São Paulo, BRAZIL
19 November, 2016 1st ADCC NORTH AMERICAN TRIALS 2016 New Jersey, USA ADCC 1st North American Trials 2016
01 October, 2016 1st ADCC EUROPEAN TRIALS 2016 Mainz, GERMANY ADCC 1st European Trials 2016
10 September, 2016 1st ADCC ASIA & OCEANIA TRIALS 2016 Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN ADCC 1st Asia-Oceania Trials 2016